Video in emailAs online video becomes increasingly popular, the methods you can use to distribute videos are increasing too. From social media channels, blog posts, NFC tags, QR codes; there’s any number of ways to get people to watch your video. Still, there’s something to be said for a good ol’ fashioned email. Despite the flak email gets these days, they’re still wide reaching, completely customizable and easy to automate.

Email marketing platforms already give you a lot of great information about who’s opened your email, who clicked through and who bounced, but what would happen if you could use your email marketing platform to get specific information about how viewers interacted with videos you’ve sent out in emails?

You’d be deafened by the thunderous roar of applause from your sales team, that’s what!

The good news is, if you have a Vidyard video player embedded on your landing page, I’ve got a trick you can use to associate a recipient’s viewing data with their email address.

Associating an individual’s viewing data with their email address allows you to later look them up in your video analytics by email to get a detailed view of what videos they watched and how long they watched for. You’ll be able to see their attention span per video with a heat map. It looks something like this:

Wow! Jennifer Pepper sure loved this video! She watched dancing V-bot all the way to the end without any skipping. 

This is the kind of information you’ll want per lead to determine how interested they are in your content. In fact, if you know your lead has watched over 75% of an important piece of content in an email, you’ll know they’re still expressing interest based on attention span and that you’re safe to follow up again.

How can you track engagement in email like this?

The secret lies within a query string that we can use to identify the viewer by their email address. For example, suppose I have a landing page at the following URL:

When I send that as a link in an email, I can add the following query string to the URL.

Using the vyemail query string allows me to check the viewer stats for the person with the email address

This works great if you’re sending an email link to one person, but your email marketing tool can step in to make this work for a list of recipients.

Most tools have a token that can be used when you’re building the email that represents the recipients’ email addresses. It’s usually referred to as a merge tag. This tag acts as a placeholder in the email, then is replaced with the email address when it’s sent.

As an example, here’s what the URL above would look like in MailChimp:*|EMAIL|*

How will this look like in your mail platform?

Here’s some of the others:

PlatformMerge tag
Salesforce (custom email template)
Constant Contactvyemail=$SUBSCRIBER.EMAIL$
Marketovyemail={{lead.Email Address}}
Emmavyemail=[% member:email default=”email” %]

Give it a try the next time you send out an email with a link to a Vidyard video.

Do you have an email platform that’s not listed? Let us know what the merge tag is you used in the comments!

Tracking engagement like this can alert you to prospects that are particularly interested in your brand because of how much time they spend with your content, or how much they consume in general. If you suspect Sam from Major Company XYZ has been checking out a ton of your content, now you can confirm it! Give it a go.

Jivan Ramsahai