Being a content creator is no easy task. Between changing deadlines, the constant need for compelling, actionable content, and the shifting needs of your prospects and customers, your days are packed! Whenever anyone asks you why you look like a head with your chicken cut off, feel free to send them this summary of your day:

7am – Wake up

You roll out of bed, eager to put fingers to keyboard. Or not. Let’s be honest, you were up last night till midnight churning out a guest post for a partner site that probably won’t post it until months after it’s relevant, so a few more minutes of shuteye wouldn’t hurt.

8am – Catch up on industry news

Jumping into Feedly, you start reading up on the latest and greatest content news from your industry. It turns out, 60% of B2B marketers rate videos as the most effective content marketing tactic. That’s good to know!

9am – Arrive at the office

First things first – check that email! Once you’ve filtered out the 200 spam emails, cheerful messages from companies you’ll never work with, webinars that aren’t relevant to your industry, and newsletters you don’t remember signing up for, you’re left with a big to-do list. But that can wait – for now, it’s time to…

9:15am – Publish today’s blog post

You’ve read it over twelve times, checked every link, and now it’s time to press play on today’s post. No going back now – your readers need their content! Don’t forget to notify your social media peeps, otherwise your post won’t get much further than your rapidly-dwindling RSS feed readers!

9:30am – 11am – Write like your life depends on it.

Your coworkers are slowly making their way in, but if you want to harness the creative powers that only a half-empty office can bring, this is your chance. You sit at your desk, put your noise-cancelling headphones on, and demolish some written word. Make sure you grab a coffee half-way through – you’ve earned it!

11am – Strategy meeting

Time to sit down with your CMO and talk shop. What are the goals for this month? What can your content do to move people through the funnel? Every week your work drives more leads, and helps qualify prospects for your sales team. Knowing where that fits into your overall company strategy is key.

12pm – Lunch time

You always try not to eat at your desk, but one of those emails you wanted to ignore this morning was a notice that your guest post on a partner blog is late. Finish that up between bites of your sandwich.

1pm – 3pm – Deal with the remaining emails

Writing may be your number one focus, but duty calls. Between triaging guest post requests, answering blog comments, and editing contributed content, your inbox is never empty.

3pm – The inevitable mid-day distraction

Try as you might, that Nerf dart was on a one-way mission to your face. Time to grab a coffee, small-talk with your coworkers, and unleash a hell storm of retaliation.

3:15pm – 5pm – More writing

Your CMO wants to make video the top priority this week, so you’re on deck to write a script. Make sure it’s funny, compelling and will go viral. Easy stuff, right?

5pm – 6pm – Check the numbers

Updating your reports isn’t exactly scintillating, but if you aren’t tracking results, you’ll never know what works. Finding yourself lost in the numbers, you realize that blog traffic is up 20% this month since you started adding snippets that readers can share automatically. Go you!

6pm – Make your way home

Your fingers are tired, but it’s been a pretty great day. Time to eat something delicious, pour a glass of wine, and catch up on some Netflix. Will it be House of Cards, or re-runs of Friends?

Jon Spenceley