Did you just participate in an industry conference? Host an event? These events are one of the best ways to engage with prospects and customers, learn and share industry knowledge, and collect a plethora of leads that could fill your pipeline for the next few months. (The lead still counts if you picked up a business card off the bathroom floor, right?)

But what if I told you there was something you could do to keep all that exciting knowledge and experience relevant in your target audience’s minds year round? Conferences can require a lot of financial investment, and take a serious amount of hours of pre- and post-planning and executing, so you would jump at the chance to take that content further, right? Right.

Live EventSo here’s how you do it: Use video!

No surprise I was going to say that, eh. Here’s how you can turn conference assets into multi-purpose marketing assets that continue to drive inbound traffic, generate new leads, educate, and convert.

What videos should I be capturing at the event?

You may be thinking, keynote speakers are often filmed, but is there anything else worth filming? Absolutely!

  • Event PresentationsPresentations: General sessions, breakout presentations, customer panels and other presentations are perfect for on-demand video content following the event. They can be used for thought leadership, product marketing, customer insights, and more. Post them with open access, or gate them to drive new leads.

  • Customer and Thought Leader Interviews: If you’re hosting or participating at an event, that means your customers are likely there, too. Take advantage of the opportunity and get them on camera to create customer testimonials full of passion for your brand. Also, try to grab a few thought leaders for informal five- to ten-minute Q&As to talk about the latest industry trends. These videos can be very effective for post-event campaigns, blogs, customer success story pages, and email marketing programs.

  • Showcase the Event Experience and Your Culture: Not all the event video needs to be formal, talking-heads educational material. You can use footage that captures the spirit of the conference (and the talent and energy of your employees at the event) when following up with prospects and encouraging them to attend the next year. Not only does this kind of video work to advertise the event, it’s a great way to market your awesome brand. It shows late-stage prospects how great it’d be to work with your company, and could even tempt top talent to come work for you.

What can I do with all these awesome videos?

Now that you have a library of useful event videos, share them on a custom event video page. Why? Well, have you ever tried to make sense of a slide deck from a live session you missed out on? ‘Nuff said.

Rewatch VideosA video page allows attendees (and those who couldn’t attend!) to review all the footage and share them with colleagues. Want an example? Check out the video page we created after our Ignite event. (Self-promotional plug: You can do this yourself quickly and easily–and with no coding required, yay!–with a Vidyard Video Hub.)

…And then what?

You’ve put in all the effort to capture these engaging videos, and posted them to a video page hours after the event so people could enjoy them all.

But these videos aren’t just meant for enjoyment (although that should be part of it). You wanted to engage, educate, and convert! Here’s how you make sure your videos perform in all these lead-producing ways:

  • Track which videos are getting not only the most views, but also the highest audience engagement. That way you’ll know what kind of content works to engage your leads and customers, and you’ll make sure to get even more of it the next time around.

  • Add email gates and custom CTAs to videos for additional lead generation or to encourage desired actions like requesting a product demo

  • Track who’s watching which videos and for how long. Then, use that data in your marketing automation and CRM to get customer insights and better qualify your leads. When you know what they care about, you can better tailor your marketing and sales approaches to convert more customers.

  • Report on video ROI including which videos are driving the most engagement, leads, pipeline and revenue.

Now you know what to do to make your next event work for you all year long! Just remember to pack your video equipment…

Emily Ross