Our friends at Uberflip have put together a fun holiday campaign that lets marketers experience what it’s like to be a target account under the guise of helping Santa save Christmas.

As Uberflip’s story goes, Santa doesn’t have enough Christmas cheer to fuel his sleigh, and so he’s using an account-based marketing (ABM) approach to raise the level of cheer in the world. He wants everyone to help, so he asks marketers to take an assessment that segments them based on their level of Christmas cheer into two groups — Sugar Plums and Hum Bugs.

Through a series of targeted ads, personal videos, and content, marketers go through a five-day ABM program the way target accounts would. On Day 3, Santa implements his own highly targeted approach by sending his target account a personal video message, served up right within their content experience. And with the message, they were linked to a post on how video can help engage your target accounts.

Account-based marketing is a highly targeted approach to marketing, so it’s crystal clear that personalization is key to an ABM strategy. One way to personalize your ABM outreach is with video. You can leverage video in your email marketing campaigns that are targeting individuals at your key accounts. Instead of blasting them with a generic text-based email, you can include a video from your marketing team or a customer testimonial related to their industry or interests. This can be far more powerful and generate higher click-through rates than traditional email marketing.

Now to be clear, this video does not and should not be ‘Oscar-worthy’. The reason? Personal video messages allow you to create a 1:1 moment with your prospect as if you were there in person with them. Show them your personality, be genuine, and tell a compelling story. The holiday season is stressful enough – let this be an activity your team enjoys doing and watch the positive responses pour in!

With tools like Vidyard GoVideo, sales reps can quickly create one-to-one personal videos for prospects and track their engagement to understand who is interested, what they’re interested in and when to follow up.  

To find out how the entire ABM campaign unfolded, and get your video from Santa, complete your own Christmas Cheer Assessment.

Greg Kelly