Video marketing helps engage audiences and close more deals than any other content type. But it doesn’t happen all on its own.

Marketers like you work hard to create videos that excite viewers and convert them into customers. You’re smart about how you use those videos as part of integrated marketing campaigns, and you use video analytics and audience engagement data to optimize results. It takes hard work, and maybe even a little sweat and tears along the way. The final result is worth it, but we think sometimes marketers deserve not just awesome results, but also recognition for all that they do.

If you’re nodding your head in agreement, get ready for this: the annual Video Marketing Awards (VMAs) are just around the corner. Held in October at Space Camp, the video marketing summit, the VMAs celebrates the best in both B2B and B2C video marketing, honoring trailblazers who use video to solve marketing challenges and achieve significant business results. At the VMAs, view counts don’t count, conversions and new pipeline do.

Maybe you’re the perfect candidate for a VMA. Or maybe you’d like to take a look at just a few of the many marketers who are getting the most out of video. They’re doing amazing things, and you might find some more inspiration to push your video marketing strategy even further.

Pure Storage

Pure Storage is using video to store a lot of amazing content! (See what I did there?)

The company, which sells flash storage for a fast IT experience, has turned what could be dry, techy content into engaging videos that convert.  They use different tones in their videos to engage different audiences: this one, for example, is a professional tone, telling the story of why they do what they do, and how they’ve developed an impressive product and company.

In contrast, videos like this and this connect with audiences on a lighter level: one uses a magician who’s Kramer-esque to unveil the newest product, while the other explains to the viewer why their product is necessary (and better than the other guys).

They’re smart about using video to not only show off the features of a product (it’s small!), but also shows viewers that they understand their audience’s pain points, and they have a solution to them.

Pure Storage’s videos range from top-of-funnel to bottom-of-funnel, including case studies, technical videos, culture videos, and more. That’s definitely a well-planned strategy! Pure Storage is a perfect example of B2B marketing being just as engaging as B2C!


Act-On is a marketing automation software company for small- to medium-sized businesses. Video plays a heavy part in the company’s marketing efforts, and as a result, 30% of new leads are attributed to video!

Act-On has a whole section on their website dedicated to video: a video hub. It’s a perfect way to make sure that website visitors don’t have to search around for video or bounce to YouTube.

The company makes sure they’re engaging the right audiences by using accurate titles and descriptions on each video, and even uses email gates to collect lead data, and CTAs at the ends of videos to seamlessly move viewers through the buying journey.

Content is well organized so audiences can find what most interests them: get marketing insights through their “15-minute marketer” sessions, or even bite-sized “Quick tips” content. They’ve created several series of episodic content that pull viewers in and bring them back time and again. Check out webinars, case studies, and so much more. This company knows how to take advantage of video marketing not just on YouTube, but on their website as well (so leads and customers end up exactly where they should be: on the company’s site!).


Elekta is a perfect example of a company who uses video to engage target audiences with content that would be hard to visualize or connect with though a whitepaper or other format. Take a look at this video, for example. This complex topic is made easily consumable through video, allowing the medical profession to actually see how Elekta’s product could benefit them, their patients, and the health care system at large.

The company also uses video to create an emotional connection with audiences; rather than being perceived as a clinical or sterile medical organization, this video helps viewers understand that Elekta understands them. The company’s cause is not just business, it’s personal, because cancer has affected employees in real ways that will only help them fight harder to improve cancer treatment.


Cisco’s marketing team has earned two Emmy nominations for their video marketing efforts. Impressed? You should be. Cisco has earned it. The company uses video not only on YouTube, but also on their blog, social channels, and across their website, making sure to hit different audiences through different sources.

The company’s YouTube channel breaks up their video content into different categories to appeal to different target audiences and make sure they’re not letting any potential customers slip through the cracks. The company even has its own educational “TV” show, airing episodes on different products and use cases, allowing audiences to get first-hand advice from Cisco experts.

The company proves that video is a perfect medium for not only showing the features of a product, but also how it improves communities, helping connect to viewers and customers on a deeper level.

What about B2C? Dove and Nike show how it’s done

Of course, video marketing is shining in the B2C industry as well. Nike, for example, offers different channels, offering video content for runners, snowboarders, basketball players, and even a channel for women.

The channels offer content from top-of-funnel videos that get audiences hyped up to get active, through to bottom-of-funnel differentiating content for different products.

Dove also uses video in an array of ways: of course, they offer video content on specific products and their benefits, but they have also created content that tells a story, unifying audiences through helping women and girls develop self-esteem. The company proves that video helps build a brand, going far beyond product descriptions and demos into creating actual social movements that can benefit communities.

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What about you? How are you using video marketing to engage and convert audiences? Show the world what you’ve accomplished with video marketing by nominating yourself for a Video Marketing Award! Video marketers don’t need a million views to win a gold trophy. Whether you’re new to video marketing or have been doing it for years, targeted, integrated, and engaging campaigns can triumph at the VMAs. We hope to hear from you!

Emily Ross