Video is here to stay. It’s a preferred method of consumption, it converts at a higher rate than any other content type, and by 2018, according to Cisco, 80% of internet traffic will be comprised of video alone.

What’s more, this powerhouse doesn’t shy away from duties all over the funnel. From introducing a product to a new site visitor to explaining a complex feature in a one-on-one sales demo, video is up for the task. And whether a video is sitting on YouTube as a brand awareness tool or plunked on your site to capture lead data, it’ll do the trick.

Videos can be educational or entertaining,  live action or motion graphic, long or short, silent or not.

But one thing’s for sure, if video is going to start taking ownership over our eyeball real estate, why the heck are we still limiting our tracking to view counts and likes? These metrics are, sure, relevant for some parts of the funnel but they’re certainly not measuring lead-by-lead interaction or influence on closed deals.

Straight up: while 70% of marketers feel that video engagement data is somewhat or very effective as a lead quality or business opportunity indicator, and more than half claim there is great value to having video viewing data about individual leads in the sales funnel, only 9% of marketers have actually integrated video viewing data with their CRM or Marketing Automation system AND are actively using and exploiting that data. – Demand Metric

Why you Need Video in your MAP

That’s a missed opportunity. Literally!

Think of it this way: if a lead visits your site, watches your home page explainer video all the way through, takes a quick peek at your pricing video, and then sits down and consumes an entire webinar before leaving your site … would they receive a score at all based on your current system? Would this activity even show up?

That is a well-qualified lead! Go give them a nudge!

But hey, before you go nudging and winking all over the place, start by learning more about the dynamic duo of video and your MAP. Download the guide “How to Use Video Content and Marketing Automation to Better Engage, Qualify, and Convert your Buyers”.

Video Marketing Automation

Kimbe MacMaster