Video Terminology: Player vs. Video

By Michael Litt in Content Marketing on January 15, 2013

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A common question we get is the difference between a player and a video. What are they? And, how do they work? To clarify the terminologies, we’ve put together a quick reference to help you distinguish between the two so you may better understand video talk when navigating through our platform.

The Player:

Anyone who is interested in video hosting on our platform (or any for that matter) will start out by creating a player. Each player is a stand-alone container for storing and playing video content, think of your player as a shell or enclosure. Below is an example of a player as well as its anatomy showing the unique customizable features such as dimensions, skins, layouts, etc. to ensure consistent brand identity for your online video marketing efforts.

Vidyard Blog Imagery

Vidyard Blog Imagery

Each player has one embed code, the embed code allows you to insert the player into your website. Players contain videos that you intend to share with your audience.

When you create a new player, you will need to put at least one video in it, more on this later.

After creating your new player (by clicking “create new”, and selecting at least one video), you will be able to customize your player. All the customization you input will determine the design of the individual player, and how content is played within it.

Vidyard Blog Imagery

Vidyard Blog Imagery

The Videos:

Videos are the video content that you’ve created and hope to share online to your potential clients and community, they are stored inside the player, ready to be played. At any time, you can edit the video(s) within any player. To do this, from the player, click on the Title of the video you want to edit:

Vidyard Blog Imagery Select_Video_to_Edit-08.jpg.scaled1000

From here, select “modify” to begin editing your video:

Click Modify

Once you’ve done this, you’ll arrive at a screen where you can add more video content from your computer or pull a video in from YouTube. This page also allows you to see all previous uploaded video content within your player.


To summarize…

-Players are where your videos are stored. You can have more than one video in each player. You can have multiple players in your account.

-You can customize your player(s) to change the look and feel of how the content plays.

-Each player has its own embed code, which enables the player to be inserted into your site so that your videos will play.

– Videos are the video marketing content that you’ve created and intend to share through a player.

Our robust video hosting platform is a combination of both players and videos to ensure your video content is a smooth viewing experience.


That was awesome, huh?

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