May 27, 2019

Send 5-Star Sales Outreach with Dazzling Videos [Videoify My Pitch Tips]

You know that feeling when you walk into a store and you can see the thing you’re thinking of buying? Pick it up, run your fingers over it, play with it, taste it… (Well, maybe not that last one unless we’re talking grocery store samples.)

The point being: There’s a power in the tangible.

But it can be tough to give a digital product that same tangibility. When your prospective customer can’t touch your product, what’s the next best thing? Letting them see it. That’s where video comes in.

At Vidyard we’re always curious how salespeople can learn from different disciplines and how they can be more creative in their outreach. So we gathered our tribe—highly proficient at sales, marketing, and storytelling—to ideate.

In our Videoify My Pitch program, these experts take real email templates and phone scripts submitted by real sales reps to show how they can be transformed into engaging video pitches.

The Videoify My Pitch Panel:

  • Shawn Karol Sandy, CRO at The Selling Agency
  • Ryan O’Hara, VP of Marketing atLeadIQ
  • Jamie Shanks, CEO of Sales For Life
  • Tyler Lessard, VP of Marketing at Vidyard

They offered Videoify My Sales Pitch webinar contestant Kyleigh Parks, Account Executive at PowerReviews, some blockbuster ideas.

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THE SITUATION: Upending Up the Status Quo

PowerReviews helps e-commerce businesses boost their sales by collecting and displaying user reviews. Customer-generated content engenders trust and is the currency of online commerce. A massive 91% of buyers look for reviews before purchasing, reports eMarketer.

Yet companies often think they’re generating enough reviews when they aren’t. It’s up to Kyleigh to convince them otherwise so she can help them unlock more sales.

Who are PowerReviews’ prospects?

PowerReviews prospects work at e-commerce companies and wear lots of hats. They’re strapped for time and resources and often solicit and record reviews manually. Many are convinced that their DIY efforts are sufficient, but only because they don’t actually know how good it can get.

What are their pain points?

Companies lose sales and waste marketing dollars when their shoppers aren’t convinced to buy, and bounce. Reviews are also time consuming to collect, organize, and display.

What makes the sales rep special?

Kyleigh is cerebral, curious, and compassionate. She’s a big Harry Potter fan, proud parent to a cat and a ferret, and loves cooking and travel.

What is she selling?

PowerReviews increases sales by collecting, curating, and displaying online reviews and user content.

THE ADVICE: Be Visual to Capture Attention

The team noticed right away that Kyleigh’s prospects’ world is highly visual. E-commerce is full of images, banners, graphics, and physical products like shoes that can be touched and worn.

And reviews themselves are visual. Many of us implicitly trust a full bar of five-stars. So how can Kyleigh leverage visuals and the element of trust that’s so powerful to her customers?

Video offers plenty of possibilities.

“People aren’t used to getting video messages, especially in e-commerce,” says Tyler. “It’s an instant personal connection. Whatever message you send, use the wording ‘I made you a quick video’ to show that it’s just for them, just from you.”

The team came up with nine different video pitch ideas—complete with mockup videos—for Kyleigh, pitching a theoretical e-commerce shoe store. These are three of their favorites, with Tyler playing the role of Kyleigh.

Option No. 1: Grab a Prop

Make it clear right from the thumbnail that your video is just for them by grabbing a relevant prop.

Perhaps the product is something you already own, like a sports jersey. Maybe it’s cheap enough to buy, like a beverage. Or maybe you Slack the office to see if someone owns it, like a high-end camera, and would be willing to bring it in.

For the hypothetical shoe store that Kyleigh might be pitching, the team suggested holding up a shoe.

For a company like Kyleigh’s, this approach carries a double message. It shows shoes, the prospect’s product, but it also gives Kyleigh the chance to explain that online consumers never get to physically touch items while browsing—people love to touch. Retail consultants call it petting—so they have to rely on the reactions from other consumers who have, via reviews.

Option No. 2: Go ‘On Location’

Your visuals can also incorporate analogies. Tyler recorded one video from a shoe store, both to show that he knows his theoretical prospect’s business, but also to demonstrate that their shoe store is one of thousands, and how is a consumer to choose in the face of such overwhelming abundance?

The answer, of course, is reviews.

Option No. 3: Get Meta

Kyliegh can also consider, what is a review, really? It’s someone else vouching for your product.

So why not mock up a review of herself, from one of her customers, to demonstrate that she understands the power of reviews, is trustworthy, and has gone to great lengths to appeal to her buyer?

Want more inspiration? Watch all nine videos the team generated for Kyleigh.

When working in a digital space, video is your ally for showing off the tangible (until we get smell-o-vision, that is *fingers crossed*). Use your resources, and get out there with a camera!

Ready to use video for your sales process? Let us help you get started with some creative ideas for how to use video in your outbound prospecting.

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Chris Gillespie

Chris Gillespie

Chris Gillespie is the writer and founder behind Find A Way Media which helps great businesses create killer marketing content. Based in Brooklyn, Chris spent years selling SaaS technology solutions and now helps those companies craft their content marketing strategies.

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