Our Marketo integration is here and we’re excited.

The integration was premiered at the Marketo Summit a few weeks back where it drew crowds of enthusiastic Marketo customers.

Prior to the Vidyard integration, video content and analytics was a black box for Marketo customers. There was no way to understand how video content was impacting the customer’s journey through the sales and marketing funnel. There was also no way to know, at the user level, which videos they watched – and for how long.

This is now all made possible with the Vidyard integration.

Video data is much more powerful than copy on a web page because, with video, you can actually track what specific content engaged the viewer. Measuring the clicks on a video shows initial interest, but it’s the ability to track how long they watched the video and whether they watched to the end that will inform you of how engaged they were in that content.

If a lead has watched 20 minutes of video on a certain feature or service offering you’ll surely want to know that! And, you’ll most certainly want to pass them through to your CRM for a sales rep to follow up. Plus, knowing what specific video content they watched will be invaluable for the rep to establish a quick connection with that lead.

Further, if someone reaches the end of a video you know you have their interest – and that’s the perfect time to add a video call to action, to lead them further through the funnel or add them to a specific nuturing program. Again, this is all now made possible with Vidyard.

Last, but certainly not least, I want to give full props to all the folks at Marketo who have have been tireless in their support and enthusiasm for our integration. From day one it’s been an absolute pleasure and we are pumped!

So feel free to check us out our listing in Marketo’s LaunchPoint or find out more here and start taking advantage of Marketo + Vidyard today.

Team Vidyard