Today we’re excited to announce that, in partnership with SalesLoft, the platform for modern day sales engagement, we’re launching a new integration that will help sales teams supercharge sales emails with personalized, custom videos boosting response rates by 8x!

2017 could be the hardest year for sales reps

It’s true. You’ve probably felt the struggle intensify, because sales reps are selling into a stronger headwind than ever before.

  • In 2017, Radicati Research projects that, on average, we’ll each receive nearly 100 business emails every day.
  • Recent research from Microsoft shows that the average attention span of the prospects you’re targeting has plummeted to less than 8 seconds.
  • CSO insights shares that sales reps only spend 33% of their time actively selling – likely given the time involved in account planning, researching, and prepping communications.

Put these forces together and it’s clear that sales reps have their work cut out for them to stand out, get noticed, and drive responses.

That’s why selling in 2017 requires a different approach.

The new rules for winning sales messaging in 2017

The best sales professionals know that relationships with customers built on trust is the foundation for scalable sales.

But in the era of marketing automation, buyers are overwhelmed with generic and templated messages, and are conditioned to think that everything coming from you is automated.

So how will modern sales teams balance authenticity with scalability? Therein lies the challenge for modern sales teams in 2017.

In 2017, winning sales teams will crack the code on sales messaging that resonates with buyers. It must be:

  • personalized
  • through channels marketing automation can’t communicate with
  • about them, not you
  • structured
  • delivered through diverse channels: email, phone, social, and video

Plus, many sales organizations are adopting sales acceleration platforms, like SalesLoft, to execute this modern sales methodology.

Video is the new secret weapon for top-tier sales teams

When it comes to delivering sales messaging following this formula, not all mediums are created equal.

Email is one dimensional, lacking the tonality and non-verbal cues responsible for over 90% of your ability to build trust with your audience.

Phone calls are dying. As Gary Vaynerchuk shares, “I bet phone calls piss you off”. And the numbers would indicate people agree. Today’s buyers are texting 5 times more than making phone calls. They want to engage on their terms and on their time, not yours.

Which leads us to video.

Video is the new secret weapon for sales communications.

Why? Because it humanizes sales outreach. It gives you “face-to-face” time, and adds a personality to your sales message in a way that email or phone calls just can’t.

And it works!

Sales teams that have embraced video are seeing big impacts throughout the sales cycle:

  • 8x higher response rates
  • 5x higher click-through rates
  • 20% higher close rates
  • 30% larger annual contract values

The advantage to using video before everyone else does

Even though video has proven itself as a higher impact way to communicate with prospects and customers, only 6% of sales teams are using video strategically throughout the sales cycle.

That presents a huge opportunity for early adopters of video who will stand out in inboxes, get noticed, and drive engagement.

This edge isn’t going to last forever. Sales leaders at SalesLoft’s Rainmaker 2017 conference project that in the next 12-18 months video selling will become the norm, which means the window to differentiate your sales message through video is limited.

Thanks to SalesLoft’s new integration with Vidyard, embracing video to supercharge sales emails is as easy as leaving a voicemail, but far more impactful.

Supercharge sales emails with Vidyard for SalesLoft

This new integration is the first of it’s kind. Vidyard for SalesLoft makes it easy to add a custom, personalized video message to your SalesLoft emails or email templates.

Record your own sales video for email

Sales reps can record a selfie video using their webcam, right inside SalesLoft and add it to their email along with a video thumbnail image shown to drive increased response rates.

Send video in email for sales

The integration also makes it easy to compile custom video playlists drawing on existing videos from marketing and sales that can be personalized with a custom video intro to add context.

Video email analytics for sales

To top it off, Vidyard captures valuable viewer analytics around who watched what and for how long – crucial to help sales teams tailor follow up messages and focus their sales strategies.

Getting started

Existing SalesLoft customers can try out the new Vidyard for SalesLoft integration free for 14 days by signing up here.

If you’re ready to learn more about selling with video, check out this blog post on video selling tips including the 3 most powerful types of videos for sales.

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Jeff Gadway