Here at Vidyard we figured many of you use Salesforce, produce lots of video assets just like us, and want a way to share and track your videos with your CRM. So, in the interest of keeping everyone as efficient and happy as possible, we tied everything together for ya.

Basically one day we sat back and thought, “man, it would be awesome if you could share Vidyard videos really easily with Salesforce Chatter groups, customers, leads and contacts too – Oh, and it would be sweet if all the data and analytics you normally get from our platform were available inside Salesforce!”

(okay, it might not have been one cohesive thought, but y’get the idea).

So we built a really cool Vidyard Integration for Salesforce using the Canvas. Our seamless integration lets you upload the latest epic video from your library and share it right inside your Chatter feed! Then, when everyone checks their Chatter, they not only see your awesome post with your latest video, but they can click on the link and BAM the video will play in line.

I’ll pause here as your mind has likely been blown. (I mean, c’mon, this stuff is beautiful):

As I mention in my SlideShare, you can email videos to all of your contacts and leads, and even see what videos they’ve been watching, when they were the most engaged, and even how long they were watching for – all from the comfort of the familiar salesforce interface.

Add video to email in Salesforce

Some Sweet Discoveries Along the Way

Now, it’s interesting to note that when building the application we noticed that there was more to the equation than just a simple integration – We actually ended up with two amazing, and extremely useful by-products:

Share video in-line in your Chatter Feed1) Secure Video in Chatter: Thanks to the single sign-on ability we have with Salesforce, we’re able to enable video sharing directly within your Chatter Feed or group of your choice, and you’ll know the content is secure and only available to the group you’ve shared with. If someone else views the video, Salesforce will let us know who they are, and we’ll only let authorized people check it out. Basically, we’ve got you’re back.

This means you can share your latest video in Chatter, get feedback from your team, and even give early access to some special customers, and you’ll be secure in knowing that your video is safe from prying eyes.

Enable video sharing2) Video Library Access Across the Organization: By using groups in our Vidyard account, we were able to give video libraries to various internal groups including sales teams, marketing, support, and  everyone inside our Salesforce instance. Now everyone has their own mini Vidyard where they can upload, share and view videos right inside Salesforce – all while capturing the amazing data you’ve come to expect from Vidyard.

What This Means for You

What can you do with Vidyard for Salesforce?With our app, your sales teams can share videos with prospects and leads and know exactly what they’ve watched, which products or features they were most interested in, and it’s all visible through the Salesforce Dashboard. Our customer success team, for example, is sharing relevant help videos with customers in a way that is easily shared with others, eliminating the need to answer duplicate questions. Even our marketing team is using videos that create and capture new leads for the sales team – Our pipeline is now not only full, it’s rich with content that ultimately helps us give you a better experience with Vidyard.

When it comes down to it, we’re offering secure video sharing across the entire organization, connected to your sales CRM to give you the information that you need, when you need it. Sounds like a winning combination to me! Basically, with video sharing inside of Salesforce, you have the most persuasive sales assets at your fingertips, right within the tools you use everyday.

This application is all thanks to Salesforce’s Canvas, which really opens up a new world for developers who want to build apps on the Salesforce platform. It means developers can retain control of much of the application logic, and have it live on their own platforms with their own codebase. You can keep your app running on your own terms – It’s a win-win situation.

If you’re a developer, give Salesforce Canvas a try and send me a note with a link to what you build. If you’re a video marketer, install Vidyard for Salesforce, and start turning your viewers into customers.

Want to Meet up at Dreamforce? Yep, the Vidyard Crew is there in full force – Come visit us for a candy boost (and to meet Karl-Tommy Boy-“Farley”) at Booth W113. The password is “Hey Mike, what a great blog post!”

Mike Stark