Within the past few weeks, you may have seen us in the news. We had the fantastic opportunity to raise capital from some amazing partners, funds and individuals located all over North America. The funds are going to be used to help accelerate the growth and distribution of the Vidyard platform.

The success we’ve had in helping businesses and brands develop more informed video strategies in the short (but long) 3.5 months since launch was able to capture the attention of some amazing partners in growth. This investment will help us grow the team and continue to innovate in the online video space.

The Partners Are:

SoftechVCiNovia CapitalSV AngelAndreessen Horowitz, Jawed Karim (Co-Founder, YouTube), Dennis Kavelman, Paul Buchheit, Vivi Nevo and Reinmkr Inc.

We’re tremendously excited to work with these groups and individuals in leveraging their plethora of experience and vast network.

The press release came alongside the announcement of some very cool new features in the platform. If you haven’t had a chance to check out the product enhancements and new platform features, be sure to take some time to watch the video below, it includes a walkthrough of the platform (Chapter 2) and a quick overview of the basics (Chapter 1).

As always, thanks to all of our customers, advisors, investors, friends, visitors, etc. that keep us motivated and innovative. We’re committed to building a platform that you’ll continue to love.

The Press

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“Formal” Release:

A graduate of the Summer 2011 Y Combinator class, Vidyard officially launched in August and has continued to carry its momentum with a forward focus. In November of the same year, 2 months after launching, Vidyard announced $1.65M in funding to help grow its robust platform for enterprise video distribution. Vidyard situates itself as an affordable platform for businesses to implement video onto their websites while capturing real time analytics delivered to a single dashboard. The focus is on business intelligence leveraging Video as the communicative and customer engagement medium.

From a technical perspective, Vidyard’s implementation of RTMP streaming means that videos of all sizes will launch ad-free without any interruptions, you can jump to the middle of the video without waiting for the buffer. If there is a queue of videos in line, they will automatically play once the previous is finished via their intuitive to setup and use chaptering mechanism.  The platform also enables URL redirects which keeps viewers on your branded page and harnesses inbound marketing initiatives such as Call to Action pop outs incorporated right into the video paired with viral sharing capabilities to Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube channels. Vidyard is built to push out to these channels while collecting real time analytics all on one dashboard, eliminate the need to log into multiple dashboards for metrics tracking. By automatically generating a site map, videos are given the SEO kick that makes them a top searchable link with thumbnails appearing in Google search results. The versatility of this player means that it operates in all browsers and mobile devices (iOS and Android).

Vidyard empowers subscribers with a toolkit to customize their published video with the look of 10 player skins with different sizes and colours as well as customizable thumbnails, allowing users to maintain brand identity.

The most popular feature by far is the YouTube integration capabilities; users can take content from YouTube or push content to their YouTube channel through VIdyard’s dashboard. Any YouTube video video can be inserted within the VidYard player, and the YouTube channel can be managed within the Vidyard dashboard. The beauty of publishing existing content from YouTube means there is no need for an account overhaul.

Michael Litt