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September 22, 2014

Direct Viewers to Your Website: 4 Ways to Optimize Your B2B YouTube Channel

With more than 1 billion unique visitors each month, it’s no wonder YouTube is one of the top video distribution sites, but with all that traffic going directly to YouTube how can your B2B company use your channel and draw valuable prospects back to your website? It’s only by taking folks back to your owned media that you can ensure they’re consuming more of your brand’s content (instead of getting distracted), and that they’ll encounter opportunities to convert.

Here are a few ways to optimize your channel to get people back to your website:

1. Link to your social channels

On your YouTube channel you have the option of adding all of your social channel links and displaying them directly where viewers will see them (you should definitely be doing this), but you also can display your website’s URL.

SAP uses the social optimization well

This optimization tip is fairly simple, but it gives your customers/potential customers an easy-to-find link to your website so they can discover more about your product and company. Social channels are a quick way to gain subscribers who will follow and hear more from you with each new video release, so don’t forget to include these links.

2. Make use of CTA overlays

CTA overlays are little banner-like ads that are displayed at the bottom part of your YouTube video. These overlays allow you to link to your website from your videos, and while they aren’t new, they are new to a lot of people.

Use a CTA overlay

Let’s say you’ve got a video demonstrating one of the many products you sell. Using a CTA overlay you can link to that product’s page (where prospects can actually buy the item) within the video itself. This is a great way to draw people who may be interested in your services back to your site. The CTA overlays are not free, however, so you should think about a budget before you add these to your videos and start racking up fees.

3. Use a call to action at the end of the content

Another great way to drive traffic is to add a CTA at the end of your video. Depending on what your video is about, you could add something as simple as “for more info, visit our website” and simply include the URL after that. Adding a CTA to your channel’s featured video is a no brainer, but adding a CTA to your product videos, behind the scenes videos, and even interviews with your team can really help direct traffic to wherever you want viewers to go.

You can get some great ideas for which kinds of CTAs drive action with this helpful post full of examples.

4. Make use of the description box

Your video’s description box is not only there to provide you with a spot in which to talk about your video with rich SEO keywords, but it doubles as an opportunity to link people back to your site. At 12 Stars Media, when we have a new episode of our video Series, Media for Hire, we make sure the description box has a link to the blog post we wrote that goes along with that particular episode.

Use your descriptions wisely

This would also work if you have a blog post with similar info that’s in your video. For example, if you had a video about quick tricks to get great B-roll for your videos, and you just so happen to have a blog post about how B-roll plays an important part of your videos, you could link that post in the video description so people could learn more about the subject matter. Make sure you display the link at the top of your description box because not everyone will click the “show more” button on your video’s description.

If you want to draw traffic from YouTube to your website, start by taking advantage of these simple tactics. Remember, with each video you upload to YouTube, the goal is to somehow use an optimization technique to get people to follow through to your website where they can convert or watch more and more of your content. You can even start using strategic YouTube pre-roll ads to draw in traffic.

If you have YouTube channel optimization tips of your own, be sure to share them below with a comment!

Michelle Downs

Michelle Downs

As Director of Content & Community, Michelle manages social media for 12 Stars Media. From writing blog posts, to managing the content calendar, to editing and producing videos (such as the 12 Stars Media web series "Media for Hire" on Candidio), she likes to do a bit of everything.

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