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Who is Jonas Construction Software?

Founded in 1990, Jonas Construction Software offers two distinct solutions—Jonas Enterprise Service and Construction Software and Premier Construction Software. In their own words: “Jonas Construction Software is used by thousands of people in the construction industry right across North America. Despite our enormous growth over the years, we continue to operate like a family business, and stay true to our vision of being more than just software.”

VP Business Development at Jonas, Sam Mendelsohn, knew they needed a way to communicate their vision to customers—not to mention reduce their bounce rate and minimize product confusion. Enter Vidyard: a platform for all their newfound video storytelling efforts with the technical capabilities to capture leads and direct prospects to the correct product page. Since implementing Vidyard, Jonas now sees a 30% increase in web traffic, double the leads, and 100% customer growth. Not too shabby.


There had to be a better way

“We’re in a business that isn’t sexy,” says Sam. Even less sexy? The strategy they were using to sell their product. “Traditionally we were very focused on price and features,” he says; “it was working for us, but we knew there was a better way to stand out in our category.”

As an additional challenge, Jonas Construction Software has two products, serving two different needs. “It’s crucial that we get our customers to the right product page, while preventing confusion and at the same time lowering our bounce rate,” says Sam. Like many B2B marketers, Sam needed a way to guide the customer journey. And, since Jonas serves such a specific industry with a limited pool of potential customers, the stakes were high: every unconverted site visitor was revenue lost.

Sam realized that in order to reach Jonas’ customers, they needed to do more than sell features and prices—they needed to sell a vision. And they needed a way to get that vision out in the way that best resonated with their audience

Sam Mendelsohn

Vidyard has virtually doubled our leads, lowered our bounce rate, and is helping our prospects find the solutions they are looking for. Vidyard has paid for itself.

Sam Mendelsohn

VP Business Development at Jonas Construction Software


Using video to tell their story

That’s where Vidyard comes in.

The main video on the Jonas Construction Software homepage isn’t about their product. It’s about their vision. And that’s no accident. Beyond product features and pricing, Sam knows that their target customers are attracted to companies who communicate their vision and core values: “We believe in our customers. And we needed to get that message out there.” Sam determined that video was the best channel to convey that message and that Vidyard was the best platform for the job. “With video, you’re touching more of the senses. You’re getting your message out over a shorter period of time,” he adds.

Additionally, with Vidyard’s extensive analytics, Sam was not only able to get his message out—he was able to control the overall brand experience and track it in a way that their current free video hosting couldn’t support. Just as importantly, he was finally able to direct his customers to the right product page using Vidyard’s pop-ups, calls-to-action (CTAs), and video events.


More leads, more revenue

So did combining a company vision video with a Vidyard-powered CTA help drive business? “Quite simply, we are converting more leads, and generating more revenue,” says Sam.

The Vidyard-powered video on the Jonas Construction homepage doubled the number of monthly leads coming from the website. That alone is enough to make Sam a hero. But the best part? 20% of closed business comes from deals that started with watching a video.

“Video-based leads perform better than any other sourced leads,” says Sam. You read that right. By generating more leads from Jonas’ website using the power of video, Sam is continuously feeding his funnel.

With the analytics available in the Vidyard platform, Sam knows that every single deal in the past year has involved video at some point during the sales cycle. “By the time they get through the funnel, they’ve seen a video. And if they’ve seen a video, they are more likely to become a customer because we’ve connected with them emotionally.”

Sales velocity has also skyrocketed. Adding video to every sales and nurture channel has reduced the amount of time it takes to convert a lead into an opportunity by 50%—reducing the process by roughly 50 days. Similarly, the time it takes to close new business has been reduced by 30% as well.

We could go on about Sam’s success, but no one says it better than Sam himself: “Vidyard has virtually doubled our leads, lowered our bounce rate, and is helping our prospects find the solutions they are looking for. Vidyard has paid for itself.”

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