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Who are the Kitchener Rangers?

The Kitchener Rangers are an Ontario Hockey League (OHL) team based in Kitchener, Ontario. Their small-but-mighty marketing team does it all, from community events, to ad sales, to in-house video production. Recently, they piloted a promotional campaign using personalized video to increase engagement and merchandise sales among their season-ticket holders.


Find creative new ways to engage with fans—and keep all the balls in the air

As Manager of Brand Marketing for the Rangers, Michelle Fortin’s main objective is threefold: sell more tickets, sell more merchandise, and increase engagement with the Rangers’ fans. “And winning!” she jokes.

Though there’s not a lot she can do to help with that last one, she’s always looking for creative new strategies to engage the Rangers’ fan base. With the beginning of the season approaching, she wanted to do something different to build excitement and boost merchandise sales.

While her team has no shortage of ideas, they are short on time. In an industry that moves as quickly as sports, adding a large project to their already-bursting to-do list was simply unrealistic. They needed a solution that would integrate seamlessly with their existing workflows—without exhausting their limited time and energy.

Michelle Fortin

People love the fact that personalized video places fans right there in the middle of the action.

Michelle Fortin

Manager of Brand Marketing for the Rangers


Time to get personal

Michelle and team loved the idea of being able to put fans right in the middle of the action, which is why they decided to give personalized video a shot.

Video is nothing new for her team—their in-house production team of one posts a new video to their website nearly every day—but they were a little hesitant about getting set up with personalized video. “We’re not very tech savvy at times,” she admits.

Soon, however, Michelle’s uncertainties disappeared. “It was nice that Vidyard came in and was hands-on with the process.” She felt supported every step of the way. “It was a learning moment for us to build this out, but it was really easy. Vidyard made it really easy.” And best of all? There were up and running in a matter of days, with little to no disruption of their regularly scheduled programming.

Campaign video from the Kitchener Rangers. Personalized with the name ‘Jimmy Gagnon.’


Off the charts engagement

So personalized video was easy, but was it effective?

The numbers would certainly say so. Though Michelle’s emails tend to garner fairly high engagement, the metrics of their personalized video email campaign were off the charts—resulting in one of their most successful sends.

Just how off-the-charts are we talking? Well, their open rate was a whopping 62.9% and her CTOR was 38%! “People love the fact it places fans right there in the middle of the action,” says Michelle, noting that season ticket holders sharing their videos on social media prompted a flood of requests from their friends—people wanted to know how they could get their own version of the personalized video.

And when people can’t get enough of your content? That’s when you know you’re doing it right.

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