Vidyard and Oracle Eloqua:
A perfect pair!

With Vidyard, the modern marketer can now use video to
generate more leads, qualify leads faster, and drive revenue.

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Enhance Lead Generation

Transform videos from building awareness to building lead flow.

Include video content in Oracle Eloqua landing pages, email campaigns, and nurture programs to boost engagement and conversion.

Generate new leads in Oracle Eloqua with data collection forms right inside your videos:

  • Add a gate to your video content to collect contact info prior to the video starting.
  • Drive viewer interaction at just the right moment with pop-out CTAs and custom data collection forms.
  • Use CTAs at the end of your videos to guide viewers to take the next step of the buyer journey.

Qualify Leads Faster

Score, segment, and nurture with viewing behavior in Oracle Eloqua.

Move beyond tracking email open rates, click-throughs, and page visits. Add individual video engagement data to an Oracle Eloqua Custom Data Object to score leads based on how much of a video they've viewed.

Incorporate video into Oracle Eloqua’s Campaign Canvas to trigger email programs and nurturing based on how leads engage with your website and campaigns.

Build Oracle Eloqua Shared Filters for leads engaging with video to segment your prospects and target your message.

Drive Revenue

Give sales better context to convert opportunities to closed deals.

Equip sales with information that will help them be more efficient - like which products a prospect is most interested in - by adding real-time video engagement behaviour to Oracle Eloqua Profiler.

Add video engagement data to individual customer records with Vidyard’s native Salesforce CRM integration.

inContact Uses Video to Drive Millions in Pipeline

Find out how inContact uses Vidyard with Oracle Eloqua to:

  • Implement more accurate lead-scoring based on the viewing activities of each lead
  • Trigger follow-up to the right prospects at the right time using real-time viewing data
  • Engage with leads based on the content they’ve shown real interest in