On Nov 14th join Drew Davis, Matt Heinz, and more at the annual Video Marketing Virtual Summit.

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Learn how to leverage video across your business, from planning a full-funnel video marketing strategy, to enhancing the value of your video content—Fast Forward has something for everyone!

These sessions will give you live access to industry leaders, practical tips and tricks for video production, and actionable tactics to take your video strategy to the next level in 2020 and beyond!

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Matt Heinz, Heinz Marketing Inc

No doubt strategy is important, but often the little things are what separates a ho-hum campaign from a home run. In this fast-paced session, Matt Heinz will walk through proven best practices, hacks, shortcuts, tech tools and more to accelerate the impact, amplification and results of your video content.

Caroline Robertson, Forrester Research

Join Forrester research director Caroline Robertson to learn why most B2B marketing content fails to captivate buyers, and to learn how to use human, helpful and handy video content to start meaningful conversations that lead to business opportunity. Caroline will discuss how to adapt your messaging as buyer needs change from early-stage problem awareness to all the way through to loyalty and advocacy, and how to bring these messages to life with engaging content and video. See real examples of other businesses who are seeing success with video, and learn how to build a video content strategy that helps at every stage of the buying journey.

Jodi Cerretani, Vidyard

The best demand generation and digital marketing programs are built on the best content, and sometimes the best content! Learn how to use video strategically in outbound campaigns, email nurtures, Account-Based Marketing and digital marketing to increase conversion rates and generate more opportunities. Learn how to use advanced techniques like in-video CTAs, interactive videos and hyper-personalized content to boost conversion rates and generate new leads. See how to use video engagement data to qualify leads faster and make Sales happier.

John Follett, Demand Metric

Join John Follett, Co-Founder of Demand Metric, as he shares findings from the 6th Annual Video Content Marketing Survey and compares the state of video marketing in 2019 to previous studies. In this session, you'll learn how to overcome barriers to video creation, use video effectively no matter your role, why you need to integrate view data into your tech stack, and more. Don’t miss this opportunity to take your video content marketing efforts to the next level!

Jon Miller, Engagio

The way companies buy B2B products has changed. Yet, the way most marketers (and their tools) operate hasn’t evolved nearly enough to keep up. The future of B2B is dependent on our ability as marketers to work with sales as a team at every stage of the account journey. In this session, you'll learn: what works and doesn't in B2B marketing, current industry trends driving sales and marketing alignment (and the biggest mistakes to avoid), and 3 things you can do right now to quickly and easily get started with ABM.

Glenn Hughes, Gordian

You're creating more videos where you capture a customer, employee, or industry expert on camera discussing a key topic, an industry trend, or the success they're having with your solution. Of course you are, nearly every business is! But how do you do this effectively to generate content that is authentic, interesting, valuable and share-worthy? What are the best practices for planning the video shoot, preparing your questions, and getting your on-screen talent to deliver their message in a natural and engaging way? Join Glenn Hughes, video producer at B2B software and services company Gordian, to learn how to make your next interview-based video something people will want to watch over and over again.

Jay Baer, Convince & Convert

In this session, learn the three types of shows you should add to your editorial calendar and how those shows should come together in cadence, production value, and atomization. If your video content calendar has been looking a little slim or even "boring" this session will invigorate not only your creative side but also your inner planner.

Mat King, Vidyard

Getting started with video production can be a daunting task for many organizations, but that doesn't have to be the case and we’re here to prove it! Join two seasoned video producers as they discuss the differences between outsourcing vs producing videos in-house and help bust the myth that making videos has to be difficult and expensive.

Blake Smith, Vidyard

There's so many ways to go about producing video yet sometimes you're tight on resources and limited to the tools at your disposal. In this session, you'll learn a variety of tips and tricks when it comes to shooting video, recording audio and lighting your subjects. But it doesn't end there, there's even more things to consider during the post-production stage that'll help polish off that video you've shot and bring it to the level of quality you'll be happy with.

Andrew Davis, Monumental Shift

Adopting video into your sales process is one thing, but going beyond just reading the same old script on camera is something different entirely! Tune into this live session as Drew Davis dives into what he learned transforming companies scripts and email templates into engaging and authentic video concepts. You'll learn creative ways to add video to your outreach, best practices for creating an engaging narrative and see how easy it is to add video to your sales cadence.

Myriah Anderson & Ellen Stafford, IMPACT & Vidyard

In this session, marketing and sales will come together to provide a comprehensive overview of how you can get your sales team ramped and ready to use video. They'll share their secrets so you'll know what works (and maybe more importantly, what doesn't!), tricks to capturing—and keeping—your prospects attention, and how get your team fully ramped using video in your existing sales process.

Tyler Lessard, Vidyard

10 award-winning video marketing programs, 10 healthy doses of video inspiration for every marketing and sales professional. Join us as we unveil winners of the 2019 Video in Business Awards and discover their secrets to success.

Ashton Rankin & Jesse Ariss, Vidyard

If you’re a Vidyard power-user, or even if you just want to see what’s new, make sure to attend this session with the dynamic product / marketing duo, Jesse Ariss and Ashton Rankin.You’ll get a behind the scenes look at the latest and greatest performance-enhancing features that have recently been added to the Vidyard platform and take a deep-dive into the brand-new Vidyard free and pro tiers, to learn more about Vidyard’s mission of “Video for All”.

Adrian Speyer, Vanilla Forums

In this session, you will learn how companies can use the power of video to create deeper connections to their online community and to one another.

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Adrian Speyer

Head of Community Vanilla Forums @adrianspeyer

Andrew Davis

Author / Speaker Monumental Shift @drewdavishere

Ashton Rankin

Product Manager Vidyard @Vidyard

Blake Smith

Creative Director Vidyard @Vidyard

Caroline Robertson

VP, Research Director Forrester Research @1carrobertson

Ellen Stafford

Director, Business Development Vidyard @Vidyard

Glenn Hughes

Video Producer Gordian @gehughesvideo

Jay Baer

Author / Speaker Convince & Convert @jaybaer

Jesse Ariss

Senior Product Marketing Manager Vidyard @jesseariss

Jodi Cerretani

Director, Demand Generation Vidyard @Vidyard

John Follett

COO Demand Metric @DemandMetric

Jon Miller

CEO & Co-founder Engagio @jonmiller

Katie Jane Parkes

Senior Producer Shopify Plus @katiejanebrain

Mat King

Video Production Manager Vidyard @Vidyard

Matt Heinz

President Heinz Marketing Inc @HeinzMarketing

Myriah Anderson

Manager of Demand Generation IMPACT @Impactbnd

Tyler Lessard

VP Marketing Vidyard @TylerLessard


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