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How to Get Your Buyers to Engage

We all know that “getting to engagement” is now the hardest part of the sales process. Join us for an interactive discussion on how our buyers really want to hear from us. Backed by real world research we answer questions like:

  • How do I actually reach the C-suite? Executives are the last living souls using office phones, right? (Not so fast…)
  • Voicemail is dead, correct? (Is it, though?)
  • If a buyer gave me their cell number, it’s totally kosher to send them a text, right? (You know where this is headed…)
  • Is 1-to-1 video really a thing? Do buyers really prefer to watch videos? (Tune in to find out…!)

Trish Bertuzzi, President & Chief Strategist @ The Bridge Group
Max Altschuler, Vice President, Marketing @ Outreach
Peter Kazanjy, Founder @ Atrium & Modern Sales
Shikha Bindra, Manager, Business Development @ Vidyard

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