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Forrester Tech Tide™:
Sales Technologies, Q1 2021

The sales technology landscape is always on the move. Find out which technologies Forrester, the tech research leader, recommends sellers invest in if they want to get ahead. Download the complimentary report.

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Key Takeaways

It’s crucial for sales teams to capitalize on new technologies to stay ahead of the curve.

  • “While sales force automation (SFA) is still a core component of the B2B sales tech stack, the category is waning. Reps work on sales engagement layers, while sales leaders look to revenue intelligence and revenue operations platforms to meet their strategic and execution needs.”
  • “Now as buyers prefer digital self-discovery, work-from-home continues, and internal and external interactions happen from a distance, B2B organizations must have an SC [sales content] solution to foster collaboration…”
  • “Because the use cases for UGV [User Generated Video] extend across the entire customer lifecycle, smart B2B organizations will arm revenue team members with UGV tools to assist with prospecting, driving event attendance, onboarding new customers, and other activities.”

In Their Words

“As buyers demand hyperspecialized solutions, sellers work from home, and sales leaders make agile data-driven decisions, it’s never been more important to get the sales tech stack right.”
“These technologies allow members of the revenue generation team to efficiently deliver the experiences modern buyers expect and help leaders and managers make data-driven decisions to optimize revenue results.”
“…42% of B2B organizations now operate with less sales personnel than prior to [COVID-19]. In a world with complex buying and selling dynamics, adding sales headcount is no longer the go-to salve for quota shortfalls.”
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