Engage and convert

Get the engaging website you're longing for. Easily and quickly build videos into your website, and then access the analytics to prove -- and improve -- the results.

Vidyard makes it even easier to adore Adobe

Did you know that people stick around at least 2 minutes longer on websites that include video? Now it's easier than ever to give your audience what they crave.

Add video to your website in a snap, and get the analytics you need to make sure you're always delivering the most-desired content. All this... and no IT required. Where do you sign up, right?

Create a greater experience with Vidyard and Adobe Experience Manager.

Want to add a video to a web page? It's as easy as dragging and dropping the video component onto your page, and then selecting the video you want from your library. You can even upload a new video onto your website through Adobe Experience Manager, even if it's not already in the Vidyard platform. Easy peasy.

And turn your viewers into customers with Vidyard and Adobe Analytics.

But not just any video will do. Engage and convert your viewers with the best. most relevant content using Vidyard analytics. Data like attention span, minutes watched, number of views and more, is integrated right into your Adobe Analytics, giving you the insights you need on video content and viewers.

Your website caters to the many... but your website video doesn't have to.

How amazing would it be if you could draw your website visitors right into your story and speak to them one to one? That's what Personalized Video is all about. Once you have a Iead's information, like their name, company, email, and more, you can weave it right into the video. Want to see it in action? Get a Personalized Video created just for you.

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