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Discover the next best
thing to being there in person.

Whether nurturing a new prospect or demonstrating a solution, there's no better tool to help accelerate sales than video. With Vidyard, it's easy to capture, share and track engagement with personalized videos - all within Salesforce1.

  • Capture

    Easily record personalized videos natively withint he Salesforce1 app on any smartphone, tablet or desktop - no new software required.
  • Track

    Gain valuable customer insights by tracking who watches your videos, how long they watch, and even which parts they skip or replay.

Focus on Selling

With native integrations into your Salesforce apps, your reps can focus less on technology and more on selling. See the Vidyard for Salesforce1 experience for yourself!

Close More Deals

Vidyard for Salesforce1 is part of a fully integrated video solution for the Salesforce platform. See first-hand how Vidyard can help you improve sales effectiveness and close more deals through the power of video in Salesforce.

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