Video Player

Engage employees anywhere, easily

You need to quickly and easily send engaging content to tons of employees, maybe even in different locations around the globe. And that information needs to be secure, so what happens in your company stays inside your company. Social video sites just won’t cut it, but the Vidyard Player will. You can share your video on your website, intranet, in your internal social forums, and more. And there’s no coding required!

Vidyard Live

Bring employees together to hear
messages in real time, directly from leaders

One of the most powerful ways you help employees feel connected to your company’s purpose, goals, and culture, is to connect through live events, like Town Hall meetings, and through messages that come directly from your leaders, themselves. That’s what Vidyard Live is all about. Employees around the globe can be part of events that happen in real time. The live stream can even be shared afterward as on-demand video.

Video Analytics

Learn how each communication performs
so you can strengthen the next ones

How do you know if your content is resonating? If you’re helping to truly engage and connect employees to each other, your company and your leaders? It can be challenging getting attention on your content, and even moreso finding out what employees truly think and feel. Get intelligence on how all your videos are performing, so you can better plan and strengthen future communications for more powerful results.