Vidyard Studio

Turn slide presentations into
engaging training videos

You may be discussing an important topic, but that doesn’t mean audiences will be intrigued, or even interested. Hold their attention by turning your presentation deck full of slide after slide into a training video that’s truly engaging and easy to understand. Video keeps audiences watching longer, so they digest more of your message, and helps convey even the most complex ideas in a powerful, memorable way.

Vidyard Live

Extend the reach of
training sessions with live streamed video

Classroom-style training courses, conducted by you or by experts brought in-house, take a lot of practice and refinement of content and presentation style. Get the most out of that hard work with Vidyard Live. Bring the learning to employees anywhere and anytime by live streaming sessions, and sharing them afterward as on-demand video for future viewing. Your employees reap the benefits, while you get more time for other projects.

Viewer Analytics

Track engagement and training completion
for individual viewers

How do you help each employee achieve their own professional development goals? With Vidyard’s Viewer Analytics, you can see a full engagement history for each employee. Move them through a whole series of related content by tracking which ones they’ve viewed, or, if you’re offering mandatory certification sessions, you’ll know who if, and how long, each employee watched the video content.

Video Hubs

Offer a well-curated library of training content

How do you promote and encourage participation in training sessions? Offer employees the opportunity to explore your complete training video library. Your content can be managed and organized quickly and easily, and presented on a branded Video Hub. Your employees can video all the videos in the topics that interest them, and, since there’s no coding involved, you’ll get to focus on curating and offering the best content.