Vidyard Studio

Turn slide presentations into
engaging onboarding videos

It can be a little overwhelming joining a new company, learning all the new policies and procedures, and meeting new faces. Onboarding videos offer a human face and human experience to the beginning of a job at a new company. Turn slide decks about benefits, parking, dress code, and more into engaging video content for a fresh and positive start.

Video Analytics

Track and strengthen the
performance of
HR content

No matter what content you need to provide, whether it’s onboarding information, training material, or communications, you need to know what content is working and what isn’t, so you can engage more candidates and employees. With Video Analytics, you’ll know how audiences are responding and what can be strengthened, so you’ll always represent your company in a powerful way.

Viewer Analytics

Track engagement and training
completion for individual viewers

What if you need to provide certification training or reach compliance goals? With Vidyard’s Viewer Analytics, you can see a full video engagement history for each employee, including what they’ve watched, and how much, including which parts they’ve skipped or re-watched.