Viewer Analytics

Get powerful intelligence
on every single viewer

You know who each person is. But that isn’t enough for Sales--you need to know what each lead is into, and how long they watch to determine their intent. With viewer analytics, you have all the power you need to nurture and segment leads with content that’s relevant to them. When you can see exactly how each person is responding to you, it’s easy to decide if they should be sent to Sales.


Get it all in the marketing
automation platforms and CRMs you already use

Generating, segmenting, nurturing, identifying... sleeping? With so much to do, you don’t need another cumbersome tool or another strategy to try to put into place. That’s why Vidyard integrates with the marketing automation and CRM platforms you already use and trust. Data easily transforms into lead and customer profiles that are easy to manage inside Marketo, Eloqua, Salesforce, and more.

Interactive Events

Get personal information,
no sleight-of-hand required

You already have them hooked with the medium. Next, find out exactly who is watching what so you can turn your audience into leads. You can do it with interactive Events like email gates, calls to action, and forms, which can all be displayed before, during, or after your videos play. You’ll get their information, and they’ll be nurtured through the funnel, becoming more and more connected with you.

Personalized Video

Create a powerful personalized
experience that does more than
just get you noticed

We all know how impossible it feels to get noticed. Don’t enter the screaming match. Instead, draw every single viewer to you by weaving their name and other personal details right into a video. With 500% high click-through rates and 60% more time on page, the results of Personalized Video are undeniable. So is the play button to your viewers. They’ll engage with you, relate to you, and be much more likely to buy.

Email Integrations

Close more deals by helping
sales teams use your video
marketing content

Do more than generate and nurture leads. Create significant revenue with the medium that audiences seek and respond to better than any other. How? Through email integrations built for your Sales team. Your videos will close deals and prove their ROI when Sales has the power to quickly and easily access and send the most relevant videos to the right prospects, all from directly inside their email.