Video Content Management

Content Management & Distribution

Centrally manage your growing library of video and publish to all your customer touch points with just a few clicks through integrations with YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more.

Video Analytics

Don't start over. Start stronger with
intelligence about your videos

Could you have gotten more attention? More views, more interest, more return on your efforts and investment? Each video and campaign shouldn't be a guessing game. Understand what messages are resonating, and how each video performs with detailed video analytics like when people are dropping off, what they're re-watching, and more. With unmatched insights, you'll be even better at your craft than you ever imagined.

Personalized Video

Grab the attention of
Every. Single. Person.

Yes, you create content to engage the masses. But that doesn't mean you can't give each viewer a unique experience that speaks to who they are. How? By weaving in personal information like a viewer's name, email address, company logo and more right into a video. It's not just a party trick--Personalized Video keeps people watching longer, so they absorb more of your message and become more invested on a human level.

Branded Sharing Pages

Make each piece of content
a strong brand experience

It isn't enough to create great content; your audience has to know that your company--and no one else--created it. Build brand awareness by presenting each video on a sharing page that is designed to match the look and feel of your website. The experience is seamless for your audience--and easy for you, with no coding needed! What could be better than that?

Email Integrations

Prove your value by helping
sales teams use your video
marketing content

You know that people respond to video better than any other content type. So put your video assets in the hands of your Sales team to help create significant revenue. How can they use it? Through email integrations built for them! Your Sales team will have the power to quickly and easily access and send the most relevant videos to the right prospects, all from inside their email. And you? You'll prove ROI left, right, and center.