Embed Manager

Vidyard makes it easy to add video to a website, landing page, or blog with embed options. Once your content is out there, you don’t need to worry about losing track of it - easily keep a handle all the places a video has been embedded across the internet so you can confidently and actively control where your videos (and your brand) are living.

Social Integrations

Use Vidyard’s Integration with YouTube and Facebook, as well as other social platforms, to publish content from Vidyard to your business channels. Vidyard gives you a central dashboard to manage all your video content with ease!

Email Integrations

With Vidyard’s Gmail and Outlook Integration, you can add video content to emails. It’s easy: When composing an email, just click the V-Bot icon and record your own video using your webcam, or assemble a custom playlist from the library of available (and up-to-date!) video assets. No more ugly underlined links, either - you’ll see a video thumbnail right in the body of email.

Branded Sharing Pages

Distribute your video content publicly or privately on a branded sharing page that is designed to blend seamlessly into the look, feel, and navigation of your company website. Sharing Pages give you the power to keep your audience engaged with you rather than being distracted by suggested content by other sites. You can control the viewer’s journey and even enable your audience to comment on your videos. And of course, all the video engagement data is pulled back into Vidyard automatically so you can measure video performance across channels from a central place.

Video Hubs

Showcase your video library on a Video Hub for a distraction-free, memorable, and powerful experience. Branded to fit seamlessly into the experience of your website and brand, a Video Hub doesn’t even require coding!

Salesforce Community

Strengthen engagement and relationships with your employees, customers, and partners by adding video into your Salesforce Communities. Whether using video to provide support to customers, training for partners, or communications to employees, video offers the powerful experience that other mediums can’t.

CMS Integration

Need to add video to a webpage? It’s easy with Vidyard’s integration with Adobe Experience Manager. Simply drag and drop the video component onto your page, and then select the video you want from your Vidyard library. You can get intelligence on how the video performs by adding Vidyard Analytics into your Adobe Analytics Dashboard.


Never make your audience wait again. With Vidyard’s Feeds, you can create and edit a media RSS feed right from the Vidyard Dashboard so you can automatically distribute new video podcast content to your subscribed audience. Publish your feed to the iTunes Store, or with a URL you can place on your page.