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Welcome to Vidyard Rooms. Open doors. Close more deals.

Bring sellers and buyer stakeholders together in a personalized digital sales room where they can collaborate, share resources, and seal the deal.

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Simplify the Buying Process

Centralize sales resources in one easy-to-access space.

  • Reduce noise and updates across multiple communication platforms
  • Eliminate duplicate conversations and demos
  • Enable buyers with self-serve information and content
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Digital sales room populated with videos and content
Make Deal Collaboration Easy

Add comments and tag deal members on important topics.

  • Keep everyone engaged through multi-threaded deals
  • Surface important information that requires attention
  • Provide a secure and transparent place to communicate
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Video with a person tagged in the comments
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Chris Gonzalez
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Uncover and Engage Stakeholders

Invite stakeholders and get notified when they engage.

  • Get notified when new stakeholders join the Room
  • Track buyer activities and perfectly time your follow-up
  • Provide added deal visibility to everyone involved
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Why you need a digital sales room.

Keep virtual personal.

By 2025, 80% of sales interactions between B2B suppliers and buyers will take place via online channels.

Gartner: Future of Sales 2025

Reduce deal complexity.

More than 1 in 5 reps say their biggest reason for losing deals is because the sales process takes too long.

HubSpot: 2023 Sales Trends Report

Include every stakeholder.

There are 22 distinct roles involved in the buying process, not counting varying levels of seniority.

Gartner: 2022 Buyer Behavior Report


What is a Digital Sales Room?

A digital sales room, also called a deal room, is a sales enablement tool that brings buyers and sellers together in one place to collaborate throughout the sales cycle. These virtual spaces provide a secure central hub to host all the resources and stakeholders related to a deal.

What are the benefits of a Digital Sales Room?

These online collaborative spaces offer many benefits to both buyers and sellers. Here are three major advantages:
  • Elevate the buyer experience: Digital sales rooms make evaluating products and services easier and more efficient for modern buyers, who increasingly prefer self-service sales options throughout the buying process.
  • Accelerate sales cycles: Add your content to a digital sales room, and all involved stakeholders can reference it whenever they need to. From a sales enablement perspective, digital sales rooms remove much of the manual and repetitive work of presenting resources and collateral to prospective buyers and new stakeholders.
  • Increase engagement and collaboration: It’s easy to comment and engage on collateral within a deal room and keep the conversation going. You’ll also get notifications when buyers engage, ensuring you can perfectly time your follow-up.

What resources should I include in a Digital Sales Room?

Digital sales rooms often host content like pricing proposals, video demos, meeting recordings, mutual action plans, and marketing collateral. It’s important to personalize the space to your buyer's needs and make it easy for new stakeholders to get up to speed. We recommend including a welcome video with a personalized message and what they can expect.

Are Digital Sales Rooms secure?

Digital sales rooms are designed with security in mind and often include several features to protect sensitive information. Vidyard Rooms is no exception. Our infrastructure is managed by AWS and we remain compliant with top industry standards. Data is secured using world-class encryption, and features like access control and permissions let you choose who is accessing your Room and how.

Why should I use a Digital Sales Room?

According to research from TrustRadius, nearly 100% of buyers want to self-serve all or part of the buying journey. It’s predicted that B2B suppliers and buyers will conduct 80% of their sales interactions via online channels in the coming years. With more steps and stakeholders than ever, sales enablement tools like virtual deal rooms are becoming increasingly essential.

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