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Welcome to Vidyard Rooms. Open doors. Close more deals.

Bring sellers and buyer stakeholders together in a personalized digital sales room where they can collaborate, share resources, and seal the deal.

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Simplify the Buying Process

Centralize sales resources in one easy-to-access space.

  • Reduce noise and updates across multiple communication platforms
  • Eliminate duplicate conversations and demos
  • Enable buyers with self-serve information and content
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Digital sales room populated with videos and content
Make Deal Collaboration Easy

Add comments and tag deal members on important topics.

  • Keep everyone engaged through multi-threaded deals
  • Surface important information that requires attention
  • Provide a secure and transparent place to communicate
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Video with a person tagged in the comments
Nicole Kocemba
Chris Gonzalez
Stephanie Johnston
Uncover and Engage Stakeholders

Invite stakeholders and get notified when they engage.

  • Get notified when new stakeholders join the Room
  • Track buyer activities and perfectly time your follow-up
  • Provide added deal visibility to everyone involved
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Why you need a digital sales room.

Keep virtual personal.

By 2025, 80% of sales interactions between B2B suppliers and buyers will take place via online channels.

Gartner: Future of Sales 2025

Reduce deal complexity.

More than 1 in 5 reps say their biggest reason for losing deals is because the sales process takes too long.

HubSpot: 2023 Sales Trends Report

Include every stakeholder.

There are 22 distinct roles involved in the buying process, not counting varying levels of seniority.

Gartner: 2022 Buyer Behavior Report

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