Stop random acts of video!


Yes, you need to be creating more video. But this isn't a short film you're making for a school project, right? Don't you actually want your videos to create and keep B2B customers?

To do that, you have to understand all 12 types of video, and where and when they make sense to deploy. And we're going to explain that ... in 9 minutes.

Best-selling author and digital marketing celebrity Jay Baer will discuss the 12 types of video in this very special Webinine (a Webinar in just NINE minutes). It's fast learnings, so you can get on with your life.

(Pro tip: Put this Webinine on your calendar for a full hour, like a regular, boring Webinar. When it's over, you just got a free 51 minutes in your day. You're welcome!)


Jay Baer Jay Baer

Jay Baer

President, Convince & Convert
New York Times Bestselling Author