Catapult your content marketing and lead gen with video!


Video for business isn’t just an occasional fling, it’s a near-daily habit. Business video creation continues to skyrocket, and many are following a playbook first used in blogging. How can you outflank your competitors with video? Let’s find just 9 minutes!

This is a different kind of Webinar, for a different kind of topic. This is a Webinine: a webinar in just 9 minutes! (how’s that for not wasting your time?!)

Join Jay Baer, New York Times best-selling author, and President of Convince & Convert, a marketing strategy firm that works with the world's most interesting brands for this fast-paced (obviously), and interesting Webinine that YOU can put into practice IMMEDIATELY.

Using brand-new, real-world research, and a lot of fast-talking, this Webinine will show you the key things you need to do to catapult your content marketing and lead gen with video.


Jay Baer Jay Baer

Jay Baer

President, Convince & Convert
New York Times Bestselling Author