If you're a B2B marketer you're probably under constant, enormous pressure. You're like a lump of coal slowly being compressed by hundreds of meters of rock, asked every day to get more leads, better leads, lower cost leads, and better converting leads. Simultaneously, your bag of tricks (social, content, influencers, print, events) are waning in effectiveness, pummeled by competition and cynical customers. Video can help. And it's not just about making a nifty product how-to and slapping it on the Web.

Join founder of Convince & Convert and NY Times best-selling author Jay Baer as he unveils 6 ways video can boost the sassiness and impact of your entire B2B digital marketing program. Tune in for this rapid, relevant Webinine (a whole Webinar in just NINE minutes) and discover the video use cases you've ignored for too long.


Jay Baer Jay Baer

Jay Baer

President, Convince & Convert
New York Times Bestselling Author