Amplify Your Video with Interactive - Better Dialogues and Results [Fast Forward]


Video is an undeniably powerful marketing medium for entertaining and informing your audience – but just like your traditional, static white paper, it is simply a broadcast channel, a one-way communication that doesn’t create the dynamic, engaging dialogue you need tAmplify Your Video with Interactive - Better Dialogues and Results [Fast Forward]o really get to know your buyers. In this session, we’ll show you how interactivity transforms your videos into a conversation with your prospects and feeds that information into your marketing automation for more effective nurturing and scoring to accelerate leads through your funnel. Discover how to use your existing videos to start collecting better data for better results today!

Key Takeaways:

  • Learn how interactive video can provide real results for marketers
  • Discover how to repurpose your existing videos into new content
  • How to drive more prospects insights into your marketing platform and transform your nurturing strategy
  • Examples of interactive video in action and their results


Vanessa Porter Vanessa Porter

Vanessa Porter

Director, Interactive Marketing Strategy Group