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Hey there, Taylor here. Welcome to this week's edition of Video Vednesday-your weekly video selling tip.

And you know what I love? Is when my prospects thank me for my outreach efforts and video has been a great way to cut through the noise and get noticed in a recipient's inbox. There are a number of different ways to record outreach videos. One being the simple webcam selfie. This allows you to speak directly to your prospect and think of this as a video voicemail allowing you to put a face to your email and clearly articulate why you're attempting to reach the recipient of your email. What works best for me when recording a selfie sales video is always having a whiteboard like this so I'm not just some creepy guy appearing in their inbox.

I compose my email as if I was going to communicate through text but instead of hitting send, I record my video using that pre-written text as a guide. I then erase the composed email and send the video with my splash screen embedded in the email instead. You can learn more about different video outreach types over on
our blog
. And if you haven't already download Vidyard GoVideo so you can start putting these tips into practice.

Happy Video Selling!