The average office worker receives 121 emails every day. How are your current open and click-through rates performing against that volume?

If you’re looking for a way to break through to buyers, perhaps it’s time to include video as part of your email marketing strategy. Maybe you’re intimidated, or you’re worried you don’t have enough video content. The beauty is you don’t need a high production budget to get started.

Adding video content to your email marketing can have a significant impact. Do you know by simply adding the word ‘Video’ to your subject line you can increase open rates 19%? A video thumbnail with a link out to your featured video can increase clicks 50%.

To help you get a little boost on your email performance metrics, we worked with Dan Martell together on this guide to showcase six video email marketing examples that you can use as inspiration for your next campaign or nurture program. We’ll cover everything from content promotion to upgrading your customers.

If you’d like a PDF version of this guide, you can download it here.

1. Email Type: Campaign or Program-Based

If you have an upcoming email campaign or program, try upgrading your standard text-based email you typically send with a feature video. Using video in your emails can capture attention and let your audience interact with your content in a new way.

Email Option A

If compelling visuals are part of your campaign, consider turning them into promotional video content. In this email, we used motion graphics to animate the infographic we were promoting. We used video to demonstrate the message and encouraged recipients to download our full infographic.

Subject: Don’t be a Bland Brian [Video]


Email Copy:


Hi {Name},

Personal Pam knows it’s time to stop Bland Brians, Fake Jakes, and Generic Jens by creating compelling content!
The key to captivating audiences is keeping your content engaging, emotional, empathetic, and educational. Check out our new infographic to learn how you can start humanizing your content.


[HTML Button: Download the Infographic]


Go forth, you marvelous marketers and sensational sellers, and become the Personal Pam of your business!




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Email Option B

If you don’t have the budget or expertise for motion graphics, don’t let that stop you. Get scrappy and create your own promotional video content. In this campaign email, we included a live action video of our VP of Marketing highlighting what’s in our trend report to give viewers an idea of what to expect and encourage them to download.

Subject: 👋Vidyard here with insights into 2020’s trends [Video]


Email Copy:


Hi {Name},


When the content format that accounts for 79% of all internet traffic suddenly shifts, you pay attention, right? Well, that’s what’s happening right in front of you—with video.


Watch our own Tyler Lessard unpack 2020’s top video trends and their implications for your video strategy:
Find that interesting? You’ll love the full report which includes a complete breakdown plus secrets to getting ahead.


[HTML Button: Read It Now]



Pro Tip: Improve your open rate by adding the word “Video” to your subject line.

2. Email Type: Triggers or Follow-Ups

As individuals move through your funnel and start to engage with more content, the emails you send them shift. You may send them trigger emails if they take a specific action or a follow-up email as part of a nurture program. Give these sends a little refresh by including some related video content.

In this example, we send a quick overview of our product to users who engage with specific programs or content to give them an idea of what our platform does.

Subject: {Name} | Do more. With video. 🚀


Email Copy:


Hi {Name},


Did you know that Vidyard can do more than just personalize your outreach?


We help thousands of sales organizations book more meetings, speed up deal cycles, and close more business every day.


Watch this 3-minute video to see how Vidyard can help you meet your sales goals.
Ready to chat? Book time with our team today.




Pro Tip: Set your videos to play automatically so when the viewer clicks on your thumbnail in an email, the video will start as soon as they get to the landing page.

3. Email Type: Customer Success Story

As prospects engage with more of your content and learn about your solutions, they’ll be interested in hearing what your customers have to say.

There’s a good chance you have some customer testimonial content on your site. Is any of that content in the form of a case study video or testimonial? If it is, use it in your bottom of funnel (BOFU) email campaigns so your audience can hear how awesome you are from someone who actually uses your product or service.

Subject: When Sales & Marketing Align: Another Win with Video


Email Copy:


Hi {Name},


New Breed, a demand generation agency, recognized the value of using video throughout their business to build trust and grow pipeline. But they were missing a centralized platform to tie it all together.


They turned to Vidyard and soon found their sales and marketing departments working together like two peas in a pod.
New Breed was so pleased with the results, they started urging their clients to use video to strengthen the bond between sales and marketing too. Lucky for you, they were kind enough to share some useful advice with us in this case study.


Read New Breed’s story to learn more about how they succeed with Vidyard.


Talk soon!


Pro Tip: Animate your video thumbnail to capture attention in inboxes.

4. Email Type: Product Welcome

Congratulations, someone has signed up for your product! Welcome them aboard with a video to add a personal touch and guide them through the next steps to get up and running.

In this example, our video coach Jacob Fernandes welcomes new users to our Internal Communications solution and introduces them to supporting resources to ensure a smooth onboarding process.

Subject: Welcome to Vidyard for Internal Communications 🎉


Email Copy:


Hi {Name},


You’ve officially been granted Early Access to Vidyard for Internal Communications! By now, you should have received an email invite to set up your account.


With this tool, you’ll be able to stay connected with your virtual team using secure video. But first, let’s get you up and running.
These easy-to-follow resources will help you set up your account, invite team members, and configure your security preferences:

  1. Onboarding Checklist
  2. Video Tutorials for Internal Communications
  3. Knowledge Base Resources


For support inquiries, visit the live chat available in the Knowledge Base. This tool will be available for free for a limited time.




Pro Tip: A/B test the placement of your video to see what yields the best results.

5. Email Type: Upgrade

Does your product or solution have an upgrade path? If you’re running nurtures to help drive adoption and potential upsell, including video can clearly highlight the benefits and persuade a user to take action.

In this email example, Product Manager Ashton Rankin runs through why a power user might want to upgrade to our Pro product to get the most out of Vidyard.

Subject: Get more from your videos with a Vidyard Pro subscription


Email Copy:


Hi {Name},


You’ve been using Vidyard for a while now (thanks, by the way—we’re glad you’re here!) and we hope that video has been helping you build stronger connections.

I wanted to let you know that there are ways you can get even more value out of your video efforts. With Vidyard Pro, it’s even easier to keep viewers engaged—you can:


  • Brand your video experience: Add your logo, change the colors, and take control of the viewer’s experience by customizing your video sharing page.
  • Drive action from viewers: Keep the conversation going with a customizable button that can send your viewer directly to your website (or anywhere else).
  • Protect your videos: Control who can watch your videos by adding a password.
  • Share more videos in more places: Embed up to 20 videos anywhere on the web.


Learn more about Vidyard Pro today.




Pro Tip: Include CTAs within your video to guide your user to the desired next step.

As with any successful email marketing program, it’s essential to test to make sure your content and message resonate with your audience. The best campaigns and programs feature a mix of styles and formats, so you don’t need to add a video to every email send. But, by incorporating video into your overall email marketing strategy, you can better communicate your position and stand out in your audience’s inboxes.

And remember, you don’t need a big budget to start creating and using video in your email campaigns. Download Vidyard for free and start recording today. You might just run your best program yet!

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