New to Fast Forward is our “Vidyard Master class”. This was an entire day dedicated to Vidyard users! Full of great how-to sessions, product highlights, and more. Check out the master class sessions below or click here to view the full Fast Forward agenda and to watch the sessions.


Trends, Benchmarks, and Maximizing Your Video's ROI

From the key video trends you need to know to tips on how to use video to meet—and exceed—your goals, dive into everything your business needs to crush it with video and learn how to use Vidyard to do it all. Discover how SEO, closed captioning, split-testing, cross-channel publishing, CTAs, engagement analytics, and more can help you get the most value possible out of every video your business makes.

Getting the Most from the Vidyard Platform: What's New and What's Next

There’s a lot happening at Vidyard all the time, but there’s no need to worry about missing a thing. This session will catch you up on all the biggest and best Vidyard updates from the past 12 months and give you a sneak peek at our product roadmap. And we want to hear from you about all of it—this is your chance to tell us what you think!

Follow the Leaders: Inspiration and Lessons Learned from Our Customers

Find out what the best of the best are doing with video in their businesses, get insider tips from industry leaders, and pick up innovative ideas you can use to make your videos better than ever.

Video Across Your Business: Setting Yourself up to Scale

Take the next step towards developing a strategic approach to video content management by finding out how to organize your video library using Vidyard. Then discover how to use interactive CTAs to capture viewer attention and guide them through the customer journey. Master these two tactics to make your video more effective than ever!

Personalized Video: How to Boost Engagement

There are tons of ways to create personalized experiences for your customers and prospects—but with so many possibilities, how do you know where to start and, once you have, how do you show the impact of your efforts? Understanding what you want personalization to accomplish will help to guide your decisions. Find out how personalized video works and learn how to set up automated workflows and incorporate personalized video on your website. Plus, get some ideas about how to use personalized video for outbound campaigns.

Advanced Video Experiences

Go beyond the basics with Vidyard Player APIs; delve into examples of advanced video experiences from customers to find out how you can take your content, brand and website to the next level; and learn more about how you can do it all yourself. Or, if you want some help, learn more about how easy it is to work with Vidyard Professional Services to bring everything together.

Tracking and Reporting on Video Performance

Every marketer knows that tracking is key to success. In this session, you’ll learn how to navigate core analytics, where to find the insights you need, how to generate custom reports (along with a few examples), and even how to conduct influence and return on investment (ROI) reporting. Show the value of your video today!

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