October 2016, Forrester Research


As marketing and sales teams embrace video as the ultimate medium to communicate with customers and prospects alike, powerful new tools are emerging to help businesses connect the data dots.

It may be old news, but Forrester Research confirmed: YouTube should no longer be the heart of your video strategy. Modern Online Video Platforms allow marketers to integrate video data into marketing automation campaigns and personalize video content, while sales teams can easily deploy video to prospects, and make strategic decisions based on fine-tuned video engagement data.

In this new report, Forrester ranks the top Online Video Platforms, using 39 separate criteria in their evaluation. Don’t let your marketing and sales teams fall behind - check out this report, and get the info you need to bring this category-defining technology to your toolkit.

We believe this report will enable you to learn:

  • Why video is a powerful tool for sales and marketing

  • The Online Video Platforms that integrate fully with the tools you’re already using

  • How to personalize your video content, and turn one-to-many videos into one-to-one experiences

  • The Online Video Platforms that truly stand out the market

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