If you aren’t building sequences to provide your reps some structure in their outreach, you’re missing out.


Sequences are workflows that use a series of touchpoints to connect with prospects. The combinations of steps—calls, emails, social actions, direct mail, and videos—are practically endless, so it’s critical to test combinations and find a strategy that best fits your needs.

The question remains, what sequence steps grab your prospects’ attention most? How soon should you call them? And, how many times should you reach out before you throw in the towel?

In this webinar replay, CopyShoppe and Vidyard discussed how to master sequence design. With their shared techniques, your sales team will be effectively engaging with prospects in no time and on the channels they prefer.

What You'll Learn

  • A recommended framework that you can adapt for your organization and continue to use as you grow
  • How to craft video messages that pique interest and provoke responses
  • How many touches your strategy should involve, including where video fits in
  • Why A/B testing is critical to any good sales process, and possible test variants


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Patricia McLaren


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