Fix friction points in your funnel for faster sales cycles and more closed business!


The health and effectiveness of your marketing and sales funnel is the backbone to your organization’s health, too. If leads are stuck at a certain stage and not moving to the next, you’ll never reach the bottom line growth you’re capable of. But where are they stuck? And what’s holding them back? Join this webinar to learn how to identify key issues and improve your funnel for maximum efficiency, faster sales cycles, and more closed deals.

Join this webinar to learn:

  • How to set-up a lead lifecycle with simple funnel stages
  • How to track funnel stage attainment
  • The metrics Vidyard uses to track our own funnel health
  • The tech Vidyard uses to maximize our funnel effectiveness
  • Tips for benchmarking and goal setting for funnel health


Feng Hong Feng Hong

Feng Hong

Product Marketing Manager
Full Circle Insights

Amar Chahal Amar Chahal

Amar Chahal

Growth Hacker