As the world of B2B selling continues to rapidly change, you are likely wondering how to be a successful rep or team leader in 2018. Fear not—we have you covered with a panel of the top sales development leaders in North America!

Join Blanche Reese (SalesLoft), Ryan Vitello (Terminus), and Ellen Stafford (Vidyard) on February 22nd for a live panel discussion as they summarize what their teams learned in 2017 and how you can crush your sales targets in 2018 with the latest trends in B2B selling.

Questions include:

  • How would you summarize the state of B2B selling?
  • How do each of you evaluate new technologies for your teams? What’s the process typically look like when bringing on new platforms?
  • We’re in month two of 2018, what are you looking to change about how your team sells this year?
  • What are your top pieces of advice for a person starting sales for the first time?


Ryan Vitello Ryan Vitello

Ryan Vitello

SDR Manager

Blanche Reese Blanche Reese

Blanche Reese

Sales Development Manager

Ellen Stafford Ellen Stafford

Ellen Stafford

Business Development Manager