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Hey, Holly here.

Welcome back to Video Vednesday-your weekly video selling tip.

With so much junk flooding our inboxes on a daily basis the name of the game in prospecting these days is personalization. How are you tailoring your outreach to individuals, not just potential buyers? It's not always easy to keep things personal especially when you start to feel the crunch of quotas or end of quarter deadlines. But trust me personalized outreach is so much more effective in getting that meeting booked then sending out the same generic blast to everyone on your list. Today I want to share with you some easy and effective ways to personalize your sales outreach. For instance, you could send a personal video message. It's a great way to humanize your sales outreach and cut through that noise. Some other great ideas include shipping something through snail mail and engaging with prospects through social media on the reg. Check out our full list of ideas to try out over on the blog. And if you haven't already, download Vidyard GoVideo so you can start putting these into practice.

Happy Selling!