Account based marketing is paying big dividends for companies that are daring enough to make the change. But going all-in with ABM isn’t as easy as picking a target account group and setting up a contact list. You need to rethink your entire marketing strategy – especially video. In this new guide, we break down five key ABM strategies that incorporate video, and how you can use them to see big returns on your account-based investment -from a 300% increase in click-through rates on your emails to a 5x increase on your sales team’s response rates. Ready to take your account-based strategy to the next level with video? Get this new guide!

Download the guide, and get quick tips on:

  • How you can see a 300% to 1000% lift in click-through rate on your emails with personalized video
  • Where video fits into your email cadence, and how it can give you a 5x to 8x increase in response rate
  • How direct mail and video work together for incredible results
  • What sales reps can do to shorten their deal cycles with video analytics