Take a good, hard look at the current sales cadence for your team, from initial customer outreach through to closing the deal.


Chances are you have some idea of what is going really well in your current process and what, well, could use a little improvement.

Thankfully, sometimes all it takes is a few tweaks to see huge results!

Join two sales leaders from Vidyard and Drift as they outline the modern sales playbook they’re following to stand out from the crowd in 2018 to not only get, but keep, their prospect’s attention.

Key discussion points include:

  • What technology modern sales teams are leveraging in their cadence
  • What key details are needed to lay the groundwork before leads are handed off from the inbound to AE team
  • How personalized video can help your team reach out to target key accounts that are relatively cold
  • Why conversational marketing and sales is pivotal for determining intent before building a relationship


Jason Richman Jason Richman

Jason Richman

Director, Conversational Sales

Kaitlin Chidley Kaitlin Chidley

Kaitlin Chidley

Sales Development Manager

David Gerhardt David Gerhardt

David Gerhardt

VP of Marketing