The age of video selling is here! Ready to learn what the best in the biz are doing to sell using video?


Tune into this panel session led by Scott Ingram of the Sales Success Stories podcast series to hear some of the best stories and tactics to maximize your selling capabilities with video.

Sales development leaders from LeadIQ, Fannit and Vidyard will cover:

  • Tips and tricks they’re leveraging to make their teams successful
  • How to use video to get—and keep—their prospects’ attention
  • The nitty gritty of the tools and timing of when they reach out to their prospects
  • How video helps solve some of the biggest challenges their SDR/BDR teams are up against


Scott Ingram Scott Ingram

Scott Ingram

Strategic Account Manager
Relationship One

Ryan O'Hara Ryan O'Hara

Ryan O'Hara

VP of Growth and Marketing

Evan Ebert Evan Ebert

Evan Ebert

Marketing Strategist

Ellen Stafford Ellen Stafford

Ellen Stafford

Business Development Manager