April 2017, Forrester Research


Over half of B2B marketers are reporting that lack of technology is causing problems for their campaigns, goals, and bottom line. And when your marketing tech stack accounts for 19% of your total marketing budget, this is a pretty big gap between ROI and results.

New technologies like personalized video, customer data analytics, and artificial intelligence are emerging every day, all offering a new and exciting way to engage prospects and drive more revenue. So how do marketers know what technologies to embrace, and when?

This new report from Forrester Research takes a deep-dive into 11 innovative new technological opportunities that marketers can leverage, and ranks them against the impact they can have on key business drivers. Want to know whether virtual reality can enhance your product marketing? Or whether advocacy platforms are the key to unlocking your customers as agents of change for your business? You need this new report!

Download the report and learn:

  • What technologies can create a significant advantage for your business in 2017 and beyond

  • How marketing technology is evolving and how to stay ahead of the curve

  • Key use cases for new technologies like internet of things and programmatic advertising

  • Recommended vendors to start implementing this new martech right away

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