August 2016, Forrester Research


Today’s empowered buyers don’t care about your different product lines or how each of your features differ from the competition. They want companies that demonstrate empathy to their business challenges and responsiveness to their needs.

According to Forrester Research, organizations that thrive in the next decade will be those that build systems now to better engage buyers, delight them with extraordinary experiences, and keep delighting them even beyond the purchase decision.

But this is different than the way marketing has been working in the past. So marketing organizations need a shift: in mindset, tactics, and metrics.

Download the report and learn:

  • How to adopt this new mindset and spread it throughout your organization

  • How you can make your marketing more helpful, handy, and human

  • Tips on marketing throughout the entire customer life cycle to build loyalty and advocacy, including post-purchase

  • 4 steps to developing and implementing your roadmap to customer-obsessed marketing

  • How technology can play a role in thinking more like your customer

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