Why video is the answer to internal comms teams’ prayers.


Where do the most engaged, loyal employees come from? By now we’re all certain they don’t just magically appear, which means it’s your mission (if you choose to accept it!) to help your employees feel connected to your business. Lucky for you, video is here to make that job a heck of a lot easier.Join Emily Ross, Brand & Creative Manager and Internal Comms expert, to find out how video can help you do everything from creating an engaging environment, to building brand loyalty with your employees, and even cultivating a workforce you’ve only ever dreamt of.

Through scientific insights and useful tips, you'll learn:

  • Why your employees really, really want video
  • How video can help fix existing engagement issues
  • Gauge employees' honest responses and create two-way dialogue
  • What content is working and what isn't


Emily Ross Emily Ross

Emily Ross

Brand & Creative Manager