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Hey, Benny here. Welcome back to Video Vednesday-your weekly video selling tip.

This week we want to chat about some best practices for prospecting with video. We've talked about the sales selfie or video voicemail but what about using video for screen share or capture? One way to do this is pulling up a social profile that is relevant to your prospect. If you went to your prospect's say LinkedIn profile and recorded a quick video of yourself in the corner scrolling through their profile you can walk through how you can help solve some of their challenges they may face in their role or their company. It's also a great way visually to get them to click on your thumbnail because when they see their own profile they're going to be curious.

If you want more details on video prospecting best practices you can check out this blog. And if you haven't already, download Vidyard GoVideo so you can start putting these tips into practice.

Happy Video Selling!