September 2016, Forrester Research


Viewers don’t like being interrupted — but they do want more video. According to Forrester Research, consumers are using ad-blocking software now more than ever. And the biggest culprit? Pre-roll advertising that takes a page from disruptive television-era commercials. So what are brands to do? In this new report, Forrester outlines three strategies to create videos your viewers actually want to watch, with special attention to whether they’re looking to make a purchase decision, or just consuming your content. Discover how planning video content that suits your prospects’ mindset can lead to fewer people skipping your videos, and more engaged viewers!

Download the report and discover:

  • How experimentation, partnerships and social listening can help you make better video

  • Why interruptive video isn’t working — and what you can do to still reach your audience

  • Three strategies to building engaging videos for both potential buyers and content consumers

  • What you can do to target new audiences with video data and sentiment analysis