Say hello to Vidyard Engage and welcome a whole new way for sales reps to sell with video!


The pressure is on sales teams to close more deals, close them faster, and make them bigger than ever. But this is a tough feat when you’re competing with shorter attention spans and more and more messages (like those of your competitors!) Good thing we know how you can break through and really impact the bottom line. (Hint: it’s video … well, video done right!)

Join this webinar to see how Vidyard Engage can help sales teams:

  • send video from Gmail and Outlook as easily as attaching a PDF

  • create custom video playlists for each customer or prospect

  • get notified when prospects view a video

  • track exactly who watched what to help tailor follow-up actions

  • see viewing data in CRM lead and contact records


Jeff Gadway Jeff Gadway

Jeff Gadway

Director of Product Marketing