Make your 10 person marketing team feel like 1000 when it comes to your Facebook presence!


For a young and growing digital marketing team like Klipfolio’s, the idea of having an ads budget seemed like a dream. So when they were given a $100K ad budget they were positively giddy. And unbelievably nervous. This webinar is the story of that campaign, wrinkles and all.

Join this webinar for practical tips and tricks aimed at small-to-medium sized teams looking to tap into the massive potential of Facebook Advertising.

In this webinar you’ll learn:

  • How Klipfolio increased landing page conversion to 18% using Unbounce
  • Why landing pages with video create better, more qualified leads
  • What Game of Thrones and dashboards have in common
  • How to create a strategy using a process designed for small marketing teams


Jonathan Taylor Jonathan Taylor

Jonathan Taylor

Digital Marketing Manager

Gary Allen Gary Allen

Gary Allen

Product Marketing Communications Manager

Greg Kelly Greg Kelly

Greg Kelly

Channel Program Manager